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About us

Who we are

Cafe 47 is a contemporary Indian eatery located in Edmond, Oklahoma known for authentic Indian cuisine. We started Cafe 47 in January 2020 as a humble establishment serving a variety of coffee and some of the most popular Indian food. We received a warm welcome from the wonderful people at Edmond, which motivated us to push through the ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our menu has a broad range of Indian dishes, complemented by our drive to provide an exceptional dining experience by serving quality food with the best ingredients at a fair price. If you are looking for an ambient dining experience or a caterer of the finest Indian meals, drop by Cafe 47.

We would also like to thank the people of Edmond for being part of the 47 Family.

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Premium Quality Indian Food

Cafe 47 is driven by a commitment to offer a memorable dining experience featuring the finest quality food prepared using traditional methods with the only fresh ingredients.